Articles Discussed

The following are a list of articles discussed on this blog (alphabetical by first author):

Belhassen, Y., & Caton, K. (2006). Authenticity Matters. Annals of Tourism Research, 33(3), 853-856.

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Collins, N., Watts, L. & Murphy, J. (2011) Keeping It Real: Applying 360 Degree Authenticity. Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Perth, Australia (November, 2011)

Collins, N., Murphy, J. (2010) “The Hajj: An Illustration of 360 Degree Authenticity”. Tourism in the Muslim World Noel Scott, Ed.

Critchley, S, & Webster, J. (2013). The Gospel According to “Me”. New York Times. Retrieved from

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Lytton, T. (2013). Kosher Certification as a Model of Private Regulation.

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Rayner, T. (2012). The gift shift: what’s social about social media?  Retrieved from

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Yannopoulou, N., Moufahim, M., & Bian, X. (2013). User-Generated Brands and Social Media: Couchsurfing and AirBnb. Contemporary Management Research, 9(1).

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