About 360da

This blog is about studies into authenticity, specifically in a marketing context.

In this blog I will complete quick reviews of scholarly-standard articles on authenticity. Each post is a review, and you are welcome to comment if you have read the article as well.

The title of this blog, 360 degree authenticity (360da), refers to a framework I developed to better understand and apply authenticity in an authentic way. To date, a book chapter and a couple of conference articles have been published on 360da. 360da develops further  every time it is applied to a marketing context.

360da is an amalgamation of a variety of perspectives on authenticity; from philosophy psychology, marketing, tourism and religious studies. These different perspectives are amalgamated into the following dimensions.

Objective authenticity: this form of authenticity is when a credible source vouches that the item is what it says it is.

Constructive authenticity: this is when something is authentic by virtue of its significance in a specific cultural context.

Commercial authenticity: this is a firm has rendered authenticity in such a way that something seems to be what it says it is; and it seems true to itself.

Existential authenticity: this type of authenticity is comprised of two parts. First, the actor behaves consistently across the different roles in their life; second that their actions is performed freely and deliberately, without regard to internal or external influence, societal pressure or anxiety.

360da can be applied to a variety of contexts; however its purpose is to better enable experience creators, such as marketers, to authentically engage others actors, such as customers.

The purpose of this blog is to explore ideas about authenticity in regards to this framework and move toward a system of evaluation and application making 360da useful for researchers and practitioners.

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